Rabu, 08 September 2010

Andi Soraya Main Fil Hohor

Andi Soraya returned to play in sex movie scene. This time the drama genre film starring Jenny Cortez with a prostitute called RECOGNITION. According to Aya, greeting familiar Andi Soraya, the idea of this movie is actually not new.

"It's like a movie, played the past Yenny Rachman, breathe into the MUD. They told me about prostitutes, but not in terms of sexuality, but from the side of life miris from a prostitute," said Aya RECOGNITION filming location of a prostitute in

"The nuances of the play is very strong here, with the title of person who would think in italics. But here the story tells us something tangible that exists around us," he added.

According to Aya, this is the seventh film starred. Vulgar scenes in this film is more on the view that section and not on the sex scenes.

"For me this one is different and interesting, because the full drama rather than horror or comedy. But the message of this film exists and is not a movie that is too heavy for the seated audience must think, this lightly," he said.

Then, scenes like what the hell vulgarly displayed by Aya in this movie? "I have not been able to stories, watch their own aja. Just imagine what the same just a prostitute.

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